I'm too European to be American and too American to be European. I grew up in New York city and lived in London for 10 years and LA for 10 years. I discovered acid house in Berlin in 1989 and have never looked back. I'm obsessed with micro coffee roasters. From 1985 to 1989 I spent almost every Sunday at CBGB's. Prince William and Prince Harry were once my clients and I actually fired Justin Bieber over $30,000. I read Monocle, Uncrate, Gear Patrol, Things Magazine, Standart and The Economist. Salty black licorice, VST Plug-in's and frequent flier miles are things I can't live without. I have a sports blind spot and I don't eat seafood. If you say "road trip", I'm there. I prefer cats over dogs. I have a keen eye for fashion, body language and bullshit and I think David Lynch's daily weather reports are fantastic.

I hate being bored and I really need a haircut. Can I make you a mixtape?

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