• Hi there. I'm Olli Siebelt.
    Product Guy.
    UCD Practitioner.
    Customer Advocate.

    I research, concept, design, launch and manage digital products for global audiences. I hate being bored and I really need a haircut.

Previous Projects.

For over 15 years, I’ve been getting my hands dirty managing teams, delivering projects and working with customers, users and business leaders over a wide variety of industries including HRIS, Automotive, Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, Broadcasting and Telecoms. Here’s a sample of some of the bigger things I’ve been involved with:

What I Do:

Product Leadership

I’m a Pragmatic Marketing, General Assembly and Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) trained and certified Product Manager who’s well versed in the world of both SaaS, PaaS and Enterprise level products. I've started with concepts and market validation, run through an MVP and then watched products mature into something far beyond my initial expectations. I live and breathe the concept of N.I.H.I.T.O and ensure my customer wants and needs come first.

I love hearing what my customers like. I love hearing what they don't like even more.

User Experience Design

I have more than 15 years of User Centered Design experience under my belt. If you’re into acronyms, that means UX, CX, IA and FYI, I'm OTT about UCD. TMI? I’ve done everything from UML and technical architecture to usability and eye tracking. My visual design background spans telematics, grid and non-grid design, responsive media and experiential work all centered around an analytic mind that knows that it’s not (just) about quantitative or qualitative - it’s about context.

Fun Fact: I helped create the in-car experience of DAB in the UK

Project Management

From managing a 30 person radio station to delivering experiential projects in both the client and agency side for companies like Paramount, AT&T, Diageo, Dreamworks, NFL, FIAT and HP, keeping projects on track and on budget is also something I’ve done for over 15 years. My budgets have ranged from 4 to 7 figures across one-offs and retainers and I’ve hired and managed teams both on-shore, near-shore and off-shore.

One of my projects won a Cannes Lion as well as a Cease & Desist from the Vatican.

Content Management

UX and PM skills are fine but Content Management is something that ties it all together. Whether it’s building and managing a CMS, writing for the web or digtal asset management for multiple live shoots for a TV commercial, I’ve been there and done that. I’m a professionally trained music journalist, ex-NUJ member and have written articles for publications like UXMag and The Huffington Post as well as a ton of music reviews for the BBC.

I like semicolons and do not support the Oxford Comma. Sorry.

Information not found in TMZ:

Previously Lived in: Austin, New York, Los Angeles, London, Seattle, Palm Beach, Wellington & Berlin.

Makes stuff happen. Prototypes. Art Directs. Roadmaps. Does stand ups. Lurks on Quora & Reddit. Scribbles technical architecture on whiteboards with the engineering team. Works with Axure, UXPin and Photoshop. Secretly wants to play with RED, Alexa & GoPro. Uses a Wacom tablet. Reads Product Hunt and Hacker News. Bookmarks Medium, Monocle, UXMag, Quartz and Lovely Package. Gets obsessed with typography.

Asks Questions. Says "Good Morning", "Please" and "Thank You". Measures twice, cuts once and then buys scissors for everyone. High-fives the sales team. Takes customers out to lunch and picks up the tab. Harasses the marketing department. A/B tests. Takes customer service reps out for drinks. Doesn’t waste time with endless meetings.

Analyzes quantitative data. Understands context. Gives an eye roll to Microsoft Office. Opens Polymail enthusiastically. Alt-Tab's through Aha!, JIRA and IAWriter. Prefers Jason Fried over McKinsey. Walks a fine line between QA and UAT. Is a stickler about quality. Knows that "Good Enough" is not good enough. Does not write one sentence emails.

Does Pragmatic Marketing things. Likes coffee. Really likes Twitter. Likes Slack even more.


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